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Book Review- The Declaration

The Declaration


The Declaration is the first book in a Dystopian series. It is set in 2140 and overpopulation is a massive problem because in 2030 a pill was invented that prevents illness and keeps death from occuring. With no one  dying and children still being born everyday overpopulation becomes a problem. So a simple law is instated.  A life for a life. If a couple wants to have a child one of the parents must opt out of longevity.


15 year old Anna is a surplus, a child of a criminal. Her parents had a child without one of them opting out. when she was three, her parents were put in jail and she was taken to Grange hall, an institute set up for surplus’ like Anna. At Grange hall she is taught to become a useful Surplus and to be a house keeper or maid for a Legal, someone who is legally allowed to live. She is about to be sent off into the Legal world when a new Surplus is brought in and gives her ideas about rebellion and tells her about her parents.


While the  ideas  in this book are refined and well planned out they way they are conveyed is not of the same standard. From an early age we are taught to, when writing a story, show not tell. This writing is the opposite style.  It tends to be unimaginative and straight forward. Because the author focuses her attention on the issues, the emotions are poorly conveyed and to truly  communicate the psychological effect that the Surplus’ suffered from the constant brainwashing and punishment, the writing would have to be improved.


I enjoyed the plot and the characters but would have enjoyed it more if the writing had been more emotional.